Why Mita

MITA is a complete package of services for any scale of projects including architecture, interior design, construction, design management, manufacturing and trading. Our services address issues from creative, strategic to pragmatic perspectives. Although being located in Vietnam, our outlook covers throughout the region, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

With reliable, experienced, practically creative MITA, team including office and site personnel under supervision of Vietnam and Singaporean architects, we provide services to assist companies and individuals who have needs to establish new or renovate commercial, resort, residential, show flat & showroom throughout Asia.

In order to free our client’s mind, we have abilities to integrally well-handle the whole process of project from start to finish in every aspect to interior design, architecture and construction, delivering high standard results in short-time scale.

We understand the importance of effective collaboration & exchange of ideas & needs between designer and client in order to produce a successful outcome.

We have extensive & updated knowledge of materials & technologies in order to produce unique designs in an innovative way.

MITA aims to earn respect and confidently trust of client through our records of bringing in projects on schedule and within budget while maintaining a high quality of workmanship. Our personnel have been responsible for some of the most highly acclaimed residential and commercial projects in the last 10 years.

As professionals, our role is to act on behalf of clients as their expert advisor in a professional, unbiased manner. Our comprehensive and attentive services assure that client will receive the very best creative, functional and strategic value, no matter what the fitting-out budget may be.

MITA as specializing in interior design, follows a pragmatic approach to design, addressing the work required to realize successful interior spaces, according to a proven process. Since each project is commonly different from others, a detailed scope of services, tailored to the client’s specific needs and aspirations is the first step on proposing how we can be of specific assistance on any project.

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