Why Mita


MITA is a design and construction company in many fields, from planning, design to construction. We experience projects in urban areas, factories, office buildings, villas, schools…

-   The strength “One-stop – total solution service.

-   20 years of experience in design and build.

MITA affirms its name with real actions and real quality in the face of the rapid development of modern society.

Many customers have told us their expectations, especially concerns about the project problems. Those legitimate desires are sometimes difficult to meet because customers struggle to find companies that have GOOD CAPACITY –  GOOD HEART. We helped them through. Our success is the satisfaction of customers when they live and work there. We appreciate customers’  true value.

MITA’s mission is to lighten the burden for customers and help them feel secure from the beginning to the end of cooperation.

The values MITA desires to bring to customers:

-   Quality - Sustainability

-   Reasonable cost

-   Safe - Healthy

-   Environmental friendliness

-   Clear – Transparent information

If you are looking for the above values, please cooperate with MITA.

We welcome you.

Best Regards,

Arch. Pham Trong Luat


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